About Jamie & Kevin

I started my photography blog From Me To You back in May of 2009 when Kevin encouraged me to share my archive of film photography that was just collecting dust in the closet. Having been a photographer my entire life I was on a very traditional path for the career. Growing up in Texas I discovered photography around age 13 and took the fantasies in my head to the camera. Dressing up friends in evening gowns in the pastures of Texas are the roots of my vision. Glamour, beauty, fantasy is what I see when I look around the world and taking pictures brings it to life. I love grain, I love contrast, I love moving the eye around an image showing you exactly what I want you to see. For me, a successful photograph has design, a moment and above all… emotion.

I moved to New York to pursue my fashion photography dreams in 2003. I never knew what an impact starting a blog would be not only on my body of work but on the friendship I would make and community I love so much. It means everything to me to share my images and hear your thoughts on this platform. Thank you for all the support, I hope I have inspired you and above all, I hope I bring beauty into your life.

– Jamie Beck


I’ve loved digital art since the first time I used a computer. I’d draw shapes on an Apple II, I learned QBasic to render and animate crude characters on screen and when I first used Photoshop it was a life changing event. My dream is to create and animate the world around me and through Cinemagraphs and in collaborating with Jamie that’s what I get to do on a daily basis. I have a background in traditional art, drawing and painting as well as graphic design, all of which play a role in how I approach photography and video and the hybrid middle ground that is Cinemagraphs. We want to make the world come alive and bring something new to photography.

– Kevin Burg

We began collaborating as artists in 2009 after years of friendship. In 2011 we created a new form of digital photography we named the Cinemagraph. As described by super model Coco Rocha, they are “More than a photo but not quite a video” allowing a moment to live forever. Clients have included Google, Donna Karan, Tiffany & Co., Veuve Clicquot, Rachel Zoe, and Oscar de la Renta among others.


On June 30th, 2012 we were married in an intimate ceremony at the Carlyle Hotel and spend our life at our work space in lower Manhattan, Ann Street Studio.

I hope you like what you see, From Me To You.