Rainy Days

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[I] love rainy days. I love lying in bed and listening to the rain on the skylights. When I was a child, we would visit our grandparents in North Carolina and the rain would make the most beautiful music on their old tin roof. I’ve always been enchanted with days like these. The weight of the air, the dampness on our skin, how we can get caught in it and sometimes even make memories that will last forever.

At the studio now we make Americanos and pull up our rainy day playlist, the sounds that echo through Ann Street Studio on days just like today in New York. The music fills my soul when I look out the window at the beautiful simplicity of water falling and washing away all our yesterdays.

Β In the studio, these are a few of my favorite things: Restoration Hardware Gramophone / Nest three-wick candle in Grapefruit / Peter Lindbergh Images of Women / Vogue The Editor’s Eye / Pineapple glass lamp from Savannah, GA (Pineapples represent hospitality!) / View Camera (for things like THIS) / GRACE: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue / Leather Journal from Florence / Book magnifying glass from a visit to the FRICK / Handmade pottery coffee mug from here in the East Village / Irving Penn’sΒ Passage

I hope you enjoy our list and please, we would love recommendations of songs to add! As in life, this list should forever be evolving… here’s to rainy days.

  • So much feeling in just one shot. Absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚

  • Jill Futter

    Beautiful! Great playlist. Have to ask: who makes that iPhone phonograph?

  • Such a beautiful space and setup! Couldn’t be happier for you guys and your move into the new studio! Your playlist is perfection for rainy days… some of my favorites are included in here!

    Here are some more of my rainy day favorites that I think you would enjoy:

    Depth Over Distance – Ben Howard

    Wooden Chair – Angus and Julia Stone

    Beyond This Moment – Patrick O’ Hearn

    We Don’t Eat – James Vincent McMarrow

    Dream – Priscilla Ahn

    Mango Tree – Angus and Julia Stone

    Youth – Daughter

    Promise – Ben Howard

    Babylon – David Gray

    Tonight – Lykke Li

    Just some of my favorites on days like today… Hope you enjoy!

    • Fantastic suggestions and new ones I’m totally obsessed with! Thank you so much!! X

  • Aude

    Your playlist is great, thanks for sharing. On my “un peu de douceur” list (“a bit of softness” would you say in English?) is also:
    – ‘Brandy Alexander’ by Feist
    – A few songs by Amos Lee
    – A few songs by Grant Lee Buffalo or Grant Lee Phillips
    – ‘Walk away’ and ‘Waiting on an angel’ by Ben Harper
    – ‘With my own two hands’ by jack Johnson and Ben Harper
    – ‘While we wait’ by Jack Johnson
    – ‘Don’t miss you at all’ and ‘Come away with me’ by Norah Jones
    Thank you for all the beauty you share on your blog.
    Aude (in Paris)

    • Great suggestions! Thanks so much for the help! X

  • Mary

    Beautiful, and thanks for the music recos!

    (btw, it’s “lying in bed”, not “laying”–you lay something down, but you lie in bed)

  • klevergirl

    I’m loving the list..though it’s missing some Madeleine Peyroux!

  • beautiful!!

  • sara beth walsh

    Love this, and all your downright dreamy photos and posts. I’ve been obsessed with Wild Belle lately–maybe “Another Girl” for a rainy day? And “Concrete Wall” by Zee Avi… I agree with Aude about Feist’s “Brandy Alexander,” and “Arms of a Woman” by Amos Lee is always swoon-worthy. xx

    • Hi Sara! Thanks for the recommendations! You’re right about Arms of a woman, heavens- beautiful! X

  • What don’t I adore about this? Part of why I haven’t left Portland is because I love the rain so much. There is just something so comforting and refreshing about it. To me, days feel more real when there is a bit of rain in them…

  • Maureen

    I wish it would rain…..living in “sunny” SoCal rainy days are kind of rare…missing that rainy day feeling….

  • Melanie

    LOVE that cinemagraph! Super cozy, Jamie. Making me long for a rainy Saturday to stay inside now. I agree with some Zee Avi, Nina Simone, Lykke Li, Feist, Harry Connick Jr…

    • Thanks for the suggested! Added some to the playlist!

  • Natasha Jahangir

    Lovely Tonight – Joshua Radin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snf5vOAZrMM

    Here’s Where We Begin – Joshua Radin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=archpwQDaN8

    Rain – The Corrs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x01stOkcDQ

    • Didn’t now about Joshua Radin, thanks for the suggested! Added!

  • I definitely need to check these songs out! Thank you for sharing. And that cinema graph…how I wish my window would look that lovely. πŸ˜‰

    Here are some songs I love to listen to when I’m working: “To Build a Home” by Cinematic Orchestra; Jack&White is a nice folk/pop-esque duo to listen to, too; Johnnyswim’s EP Heart Beat…

    • Love cinematic orchestra, added and johnnyswim’s! Thanks for introducing me to their music, great for the playlist!

  • Tarragona IN

    For me Dream a little dream by Beautiful South


  • Sofia

    I would recommend songs like: dream a little dream of me with Emilia Mitiku
    – nat king coles song Candy – Michael Buble cover on Frank Sinatra the way you look to night


    • Love Dream a little dream of me and Michael Buble. Added to the list! Saved Candy for a future mix we are making here at the studio. Thanks for the suggestions Sofia!

  • Lillian

    Beautiful post. I would recommend Chopin’s Ballade no.4 & ‘raindrop’ prelude op.28, no.15 πŸ™‚

    • I love Chopin’s Ballade no.4, thanks for the recommendation!

  • c.

    Every time we say goodbye -Ray Charles
    Autumn in New York -Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
    April in Paris- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
    Autumn Leaves- Nat King Cole

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I couldn’t find Ray Charles but I got Every time we say goodbye on there and April in Paris, one of my personal favs as well. The other two I’m saving for an autumn soundtrack! Thanks!

      • c.

        Cool looking forward to another great playlist!

  • Ocean Violet

    equally mesmerized by your choices and photograph. Good call with the David Gray, so soothing. Thank you for putting this into the universe! Jessica, OceanViolet.com

  • Sasha Hendrikz

    I am in the Cayman Islands and can partly relate to the buckets of rain we’ve been getting lately. Your playlist is magical, thank you.

  • oh man, great playlist. Anything by Joe Purdy makes an incredible rainy day. I particularly love “some things don’t work out”. So great.

  • Sam

    I would suggest Breathe by Alexi Murdoch, Change of Time by Josh Ritter, and The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov. Great rainy day music.

  • Lauren Lyons

    Jamie, LOVE this gramophone. Do you know if it works with iPods as well or just iPhone? My additions to your rainy day playlists would be Skip James’s song “Devil Got My Woman” (or anything of his) and Nick Drake’s record, “Pink Moon.”

  • Suzanne

    Alela Diane – Lost Land πŸ™‚

  • Funda Yilmaz

    I found your page while creating my own “rainy Day” playlist πŸ™‚ Love your picks! This song actually FEELS like the rain to me… Big, heavy and slow drops to the fast ones, it’s got everything that I love about rain. “When it Rains on my Tin Roof” is the name. by Noah Pine. Enjoy!


  • fashunhable

    i love how your work is live !

  • 2nd Chance Photo

    How about “Red Rain” – Peter Gabriel; “Rain” -The Cult; “Rain in the summertime” – The Alarm; and if you’re feeling really adventurous: “Singing in the rain” – (many artist over the years, but most notably) – Gene Kelly πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    Love the choice Jamie, thank you. Rain (as usual) in Seattle as well, but this photo/music is a great ‘lift up’ for me (even while on lunch break from work).

  • Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful playlist…a balm to the soul! Here’s one to add to your music collection that y’all might find special – “Savannah” by Relient K πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚



  • erin

    how can i find the playlist?