Lan Airlines

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I hear there is a polar vortex in New York right now, which is making me love aviation even more today as I am traveling through summertime in Brazil. It was only a couple months ago this jetliner took me on my first South American adventure and I’m already back for more. What an incredible thing it is to fly – changing countries, temperatures, and cultures in mere hours – not to mention glimpsing the earth from so, so high above…

The view from a plane window is an amazing way to see the world. I love flying, I love seeing our life in a new perspective, I love being someplace totally different in the blink of an eye. Time does not exist to me in the sky, it’s only when your feet touch the ground (and your airplane mode turns off) that we start keeping track again… but for a moment, when you’re up in the heavens, all is peaceful out that little window below.

You’ve been on this great Chilean adventure #onlyinsouthamerica with me and I wanted to say thank you to Lan Airlines, the premier carrier for South America, for taking us to all these places I could only have dreamed of before. The greatest end to this unforgettable journey was coming home to New York on the new Dreamliner. Total game changer! The difference in cabin pressure, theatrical mood lighting that changes throughout the flight, the LARGER WINDOWS (by 30%), the friendly flight attendants and the wonderful food made the last leg home one of peace and relaxation. I’ve never enjoyed a flight more than this… I’ll come fly with you anytime.

Views out my window:


 My top three favorite fun facts about LAN Airlines!

1. A LAN flight takes off every 2.5 minutes around the world. Can you believe it??

2. The TAM business class wine list is ranked among the top 5 in the world by Global Traveler Magazine in their article, “Wines on the Wing 2013“. And speaking of wine (which I always love to talk about!), there are 522,000 bottles of wine opened on LAN airplanes each year.

3.  The airline created the Call for Social and Environmental Projects, which focuses on investing in nonprofit organizations that help develop sustainable tourism and environmental conservation!


The Dreamliner:

*Lan Airlines serves wine from Chile on their flights! 

 See the whole adventure in Chile HERE! And some other times I’ve traveled by plane HERE

  • Tarragona IN

    Wow, your pictures are marvellous. But I have to confess that since the last time I flew with Lan Airlines, I’m scared to fly. We were going to Frankfurt and suddenly the plane started to go down really fast, the lights were gone, people were shouting, the trolly broke, thank God the pilot took the control of the plane but since then I have a little bit of claustrophobia and I hate flying 🙁

    • Oh my gosh! I’m glad to hear you are ok. I think that’s all of our worst nightmare. I’ll be honest, I still get a little nervous flying, especially with bumpy take offs or turbulence but my friend Cynthia, (JetSetCD) who came on both South America trips with me, is on a plane about twice a week, many times internally. She writes for Jaunted, a travel site. And she knows everything there is to know about aviation so we asked her every question under the sun about stories like yours and planes, etc. She made me feel a lot safer about flying.

      • Tarragona IN

        You have to introduce me your friend to make me feel safer about flying. I have to confess that in my Honeymoon I didn’t go to NY because of the flight, too many hours in a plane, and I hope to do it once in my life. Instead of it we went to Sicily, wonderful!!!!!!

  • These photos are beautiful! And that’s a proper meal you have there! I can’t believe how picturesque the flight was, so lovely 🙂 x

  • Somerset Wedding Gal

    What a beautiful image! It sure does look amazing up there!

  • what a beautiful meal they serve!
    would LOVE to fly on Lan to south america someday 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • just can’t wait to see your photos of brazil… (they will appear right here too, no?)