Flower Arranging

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Flowers by Jamie Beck

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a little crash course in flower arranging with Belle Fleur at the Flower School of New York over sips of Veuve Clicquot Rosé champagne. I’m always photographing flowers here at the studio as a personal project and quite honestly, it’s one of my favorite photographic subjects. I am always in awe of the beauty of a rose, the fold of a tulip, the color of a ranunculus or the smell of a hyacinth. The abstract lines and organic textures become something else though the lens of a camera, allowing each flower to have its own personality, life, expression, and age not unlike the way we are as humans. Since we have beautiful flowers around so often it was really nice to pick up a few tips and tricks on making your own arrangements at home! Read below to find out what I learned…

Flowers by Jamie Beck

On arranging: Arrange in your hand. Start with the biggest flower as your “anchor” and build around that. You can cut your flower arrangement to the correct height for your vase by putting the vase at the edge of the counter and holding the arrangement next to it for the desired height and cut. To keep the flowers in the arrangement you created tie a clear rubber band around the stems to hold in place.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

On cutting flowers: You do not have to cut under water when you buy quality flowers, but you should put them in water seconds after cutting as a “scab” immediately begins to form over the freshly cut end. Every few days, re-snip the ends of the arrangement to get fresh water into the flower and have it last longer. Cut the ends at an angle so water travels UP!

Flowers by Jamie Beck


Change the water everyday with fresh water to make the flowers last twice as long.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

To get lilies to open, use warm water; they respond well to temperature.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Tear off the leaves along the stem so all the water goes straight to the flower bulb.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Garden roses are the most fragrant.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Peonies like to be handled, hold it in your hand and use your thumbs to massage it open.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Ranunculus are very fragile and will open easily by just blowing on them.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Tulips will always grow toward the light so try to put them under a light source in your house to have them grow straight. If they start to droop, a shot of vodka will make them stand up.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Flowers by Jamie Beck

China Pink Hyacinth will continue to grow about 1/2 an inch a day in your vase.

Flowers by Jamie Beck

Flowers that mix well together: Spray Roses, Lisianthus, Maria Theresa Garden Roses, Baroness Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Keira Garden Roses, Esperanta Garden Rose, China Pink Hyacinth and Japanese Sweetpea.

 Flowers by Jamie Beck  Flowers by Jamie Beck

  • so beautiful…

  • Oh, what fun. We have so many incredible florists here in the PNW and I’ve been dying to take a course from them. I will never tire of the beauty of flowers…

  • Shirley Ann

    Oh you make me so happy!

  • Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to shoot too! Nothing more beautiful than nature’s own making! These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and thank you for sharing the tips with us, I’ll be using them plenty this spring/summer! 🙂

    • Thanks Arzoo! Hope you are well in the city!

  • your arrangement is beautiful jamie.
    and that picture with the black backdrop is just stunning.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the great tips Jamie.

  • My jaw literally dropped… these are just so beautiful! And your arrangement is crazy beautiful! xx

  • Dana Rose

    Thank you for sharing those tips! Beautiful photos! I love photographing flowers and sometimes when they start to die instead of throwing them out I spray paint them and photograph them again just for fun 🙂

    … I think it is a photo from your wedding in that stunning frame. Im currently helping my grandmother move into a new house. I unpacked her wedding photo in a frame like that and we started discussing how they just don’t make frames like that anymore! Did you have that passed down to you or do you know of a good place for vintage wedding frames? Im always searching online or in vintage shops but everyone must want to hold on to them.

    • Hi Dana!
      I actually got that frame from a store back home in Texas where my family lives called “WRARE” in Fort Worth. They sell the most beautiful vintage frames at a reasonable price (yay!) This one was like a starburst which I loved for that moment of just becoming husband and wife. They don’t make frames like that anymore, I agree! I’d love to see your spray painted flower photographs, how interesting!

  • Jamie Beck + flowers = just lovely!

  • Tarragona IN

    Thank you for your tips 🙂

  • Naomi

    Such interesting tips! The shot of vodka for tulips especially surprised me, haha. Lovely flower photos!

  • Elizabeth Padilla

    I love rosas too, and to take pic of them to. Love the way you do. For me, my favorit is the Rose Caharles de Gaulle, not only for the color, ist perfume is so delicate and exquisite. In Madrid is a Rose Garden that have it, and in the last das of abril is the perfect time to visit. If you can, come to see it

    • Oh what a dream to walk around the rose gardens of Madrid smelling Rose Charles de Gaulle in April. How lucky you are 🙂

  • Beautiful. I have a black thumb so this was inspiring and practical.

    Sound of Chic
    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack

  • María

    Love the pictures, so clean and beautiful… The only thing I can spell is PERFECTION