John Hardy + Earth Day

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[I]’ve been thinking about Earth Day coming up tomorrow and how much more conscious we are of the globe now thanks to air travel, digital technology and the speed of communication. When I think about the Earth, certain words or earthly elements pop into my mind: Water, Plants, Animals, Wind, Earth, Sound, Gravity, Light, and Humanity. I wanted to put these earthly words into a visual photographic story while also telling the story of one of the most “GREEN” luxury brands and conscious companies out there.

John Hardy, the sustainable luxury jewelry brand based in Bali, thinks about their approach and place in the world in a 360-degree way. For example, all the silver jewelry is made from reclaimed silver which can come from a variety of places, such as old jewelry, computers and refrigerators! They believe they can produce a luxury product that is in harmony with our environment; instead of pulling more out of the earth and continuing to strip our natural resources, they want to use what is already out there.

In Bali, the jewelry is handmade by local jewelry artisans, who have centuries of passed-down knowledge and expertise in craftsmanship. The company knows how important these people are and goes to great lengths to take care of them, providing organic meals for their artisans and a single mother initiative that allows women to work from home in order to care for their child. Together the designers and artisans collaborate to make what ultimately is the distinct look of John Hardy.

When I was interviewing them at their New York City offices about the company philosophy, the passion simply poured out of the team. The pieces I ended up shooting below are all from the Bamboo Collection – this is significant to point out, as these pieces are part of an initiative. For every piece purchased from this collection, one or more bamboo trees are planted with help for forest management and water preservation. This year to date, John Hardy has planted 900,000 bamboo seedlings, which is 6 times the size of Central Park. In honor of Earth Month in April, John Hardy will donate 20% of all Bamboo Collection sales made on to support Trees New York which goes to funding a project where the John Hardy team will plant evergreens in the middle of West Harlem with the idea of creating a canopy effect to help filter the air and, in winter, add color to our gray days.

We are all beginning to become conscious consumers. I talked about that a bit in my personal style post: supporting brands that give back. John Hardy is all about what they call “Sustainable Luxury” which breaks down to Culture, Community, Commerce and Care.

Care – Giving back and especially giving back to nature for a “greener every day“.
Culture – the John Hardy Family. Supporting the collaboration between designers and artisans and the preservation of the Balinese art forms and traditional french jewelry making processes.
Commerce – Creating a profit to sustain their initiatives and give back while connecting with consumers and educating them on what their products do beyond the monetary exchange.
Collaboration Taking care of their the employees either through organic meals, enabling single mothers to work, providing amazing health care to supporting the local orphanages and communities of Bali.

So here is to our Mother Earth and all the gifts she gives us. May we have, as John Hardy says, a Greener Every Day and be the example of a new kind of balance. While photographing the concepts of these earthly elements, I asked our model to come completely barefaced, non-styled hair and bare nails. I wanted this to be about natural beauty, the natural beauty of us… the natural beauty of earth ~



Above Gold Knot Ring / Below Silver Link Necklace 


Below Silver Rope Necklace 





Above Rose Gold Slim Bangle with Diamond Pave & Rose Gold Slim Station Bangle with Diamond Pave / Below Gold Slim Band Ring




Above Rose Gold Slim Station Ring with Diamond PaveGold Slim Band Ring with Diamond Pave & Gold Wide Ring with Diamond Pave / Below Silver Rope Necklace 




Above & Below Sterling Silver Slim Necklace with Black Sapphire, Sterling Silver Small Hoop Earrings with Black Sapphire, & Gold Station Necklace

JohnHardy_EarthDay_012 JohnHardy_EarthDay_013


Below Sterling Silver Small Round Ring with White Topaz




Above Gold Large Hoop Earrings / Below Sterling Silver Single Row Necklace




Above Rose Gold Slim Bangle with Diamond Pave & Rose Gold Slim Station Bangle with Diamond Pave / Below Sterling Silver Single Row Necklace




Above Sterling Silver Small Round Stud Earrings with Black Sapphire / Below Gold Station Necklace



Below Sterling Silver Small Round Stud Earrings with Black Sapphire


The earthly elements modeled by Hadar with all jewelry provided by John Hardy

  • camillaleila

    Oh I would die to have a giant framed print of the Earth photo. That image speaks volumes to me.

    • Thank you! Notice how her hand / arm position mimic the nature of “roots” 🙂

      • camillaleila

        Yes! I love that! Too good, Jamie.

  • Elle

    The initial image animal, and wind struck me the most.

  • Just divine, I adore it all.

  • Cassandra Frey

    I am blown away by the simple beauty of these images…to anyone who claims film is dead, I challenge them to look at these.

    Jamie, no one else makes beauty like you do. Stunning, as always.

  • Pattymac100

    The Water image is my favorite!! Lovely work! I have my old 6×7 sitting in a bag in the closet. It doesn’t get much use anymore, but I can’t part with it. These images remind me why. Digital is wonderful, but it will never be film.

    • Oh you should break it out! It wants to be used 🙂 Best camera in the world.

  • pablohc

    The first Water picture is pure art. Such daunting contrasts between the pure black background, the water and the skin tones. Just lovely.

  • Such incredible shots and so different from what you usually so! Love that you’re experimenting with new ideas and what each of these pieces and photos represent in relation to Earth Day!

  • Aimee Brooks

    The jewelry is so beautiful and delicate! I’m amazed by your ability to combine the feel of the jewelry with natural textures. You are truly an artist!

  • Beautiful series. Especially the superimposition of the necklace and the girl’s face caught my attention.

  • Stu

    The serpentine ring is stunning. John Hardy has the kind of business model the world needs today.

  • tahoe

    Your photos are stunning and the jewelry has an elegant simplicity. I was interested in reading about the company and sustainable luxury.

  • Stunning photos. I love the vibe these photos give off–so far and stripped down to the bare minimum.

  • These photos are simply breathtaking!!! Pure art!!!

  • priyapuri


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    dying over these. and all the rings! maj.

  • claire

    these are stunning! LET’S BRING BACK BIG HOOP EARRINGS. please.



  • sepatuholic

    I love their collection and glad to be part of the John Hardy team back then…

  • Tienlyn

    Beautiful pieces! xx, Tienlyn