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The elevator doors opened onto the fifth floor of the historic Rafael Hotel in Paris, most notably the place where Grace Kelly & Jacqueline Kennedy called home, and there sat this beautiful woman in a blush colored dress with an explosion of satin roses cascading over her shoulder like a vision of what women looked like so many decades ago. The woman was designer Julia Voitenko and like what all modern women battle with, she was searching for a wifi signal. Not knowing who she was at that moment of meeting did not stop me from showering her with compliments and inquiring about every detail before me. When she realized I was there to see her collection, was the moment I realized the collection I was about to see was hers and into the suite we went.

She walked me through the idea of the “new wardrobe” for the modern day woman where she needs only own a few pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of classic looks, one in which Julia describes as “beauty made to wear”. Pulling inspiration from the 50s and 60s the silhouettes remain timeless and flattering to all body types while being hand constructed in Italy from the most prestigious Italian silk {something we know a thing or two about}.

In suite fit for a Princess, overlooking that dreamy view of Paris, I fell in love with ESME VIE and her idea of dressing for ladies.


Esme_vie_04 Esme_vie_05 Esme_vie_06 Esme_vie_07 Esme_vie_08 Esme_vie_09

  • This post and your photographs make me feel like I am in another world. A different decade or generation. Dreamy and magical. I love peeking into this world that you have brought to my fingertips that otherwise would be well out of my reach. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Loved that this was shot in black and white. Gives it a real retro feel.

  • Marieta

    She looks like Jackie O! Is the film kodak tri-x?

  • Just love, Jamie!

  • Oh my… This is my heaven.

  • Tarragona IN

    Those pictures seems to be taken in the 50’s / 60’s And as Marieta has said, she looks like Jackie Kennedy.

  • Stephanie Forster


    xo Stephanie

  • I wish walking around like that was normal, but then I remember that if it was it wouldn’t be so incredible special. she looks stunning.

  • Such elegance!!