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[H]ow does perfume emerge into the world? I recently tried Balenciaga’s newest creation by creative director Alexander Wang, called B.Balenciaga. The frosted bottle reminded me of a block of ice, perhaps a place where all creative ideas are frozen and then as they emerge into fruition begin to melt away, slowly, as ice turns into liquid.

As winter descends upon us I look forward to the spring, the thawing of ideas, the emergence of beautiful florals and that mossiness of the forest damp from the melting snow. But until then, I’ll take this scent made for women like me: romantic and modern, delicate as a flower and as strong as ice.

PS-  peek behind the scenes of this cinemagraph

  • The cinemagraph is beautiful!!! But the thoughts you shared – the ‘thawing of ideas’ – are even lovelier. Your work never fails to amaze 🙂 xo

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    • annstreetstudio

      Thank you so much Brittany. 🙂 I always seek to find parallels in life, art, and thought. I’m glad I could translate it to you.

  • kimair

    wow is all i can say. amazing. you both have truly outdone yourselves with this one!

  • Love your way of words that go along with your photographs and cinemagraphs, Jamie!

  • Tarragona IN

    I love how the drop falls. Bravo!!!