The Female Nude

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[I] am a woman. I am aware of my body like any normal human being. It’s not a surprise, just look at the images served up to us. Everyone is beautiful, happy, young, thin… they have the perfect (insert your own personal thoughts here) stomach, eye brows, waist, legs, hips- sometimes it feels like an impossible treadmill of perfect we will never really achieve because of genetics, because we have real life and real work and can’t spend the amount of time it takes to achieve “perfection”.

But really, what is perfect?

I’ve always be interested in shooting nudes. I started in college. The body is one of the most beautiful, natural things about life. The way it changes, the way it gives life, the way each is our own and that is what makes us special. I wouldn’t take my grandmother’s wrinkles away, or Dad’s loving soft hugs, or seeing my sister-in-law’s body change carrying the amazing twins my family adores. I would not say that I have had body issues all my life, but as I’ve gotten older I had to learn to look in the mirror and teach myself to stop judging the way I look compared to other people.

As a photographer I look for what is photogenic from people to places to the design of a still life. I’m not going to lie, I love tall beautiful thin fashion models. They are like illustrations of illusions of an idea of who we think we are or could be. Fantasy is part of the fun, photographing that fantasy is one of the things that I love most.


There is a place for curves too. Curves are incredible. When our model Jourdan walked in I was honestly first taken back by her personality. Her confidence. Confidence is the one of the greatest quality anyone can possess. She was cool, smart, comfortable in her own skin. She was one of the least self-deprecating models I’ve ever worked with. When we started making photographs a lot changed for me. Not only as a photographer but as a woman. Maybe even more importantly as a woman. Here was a human, not afraid to let me photograph her with nothing to hide behind, no character to portray, no fantasy story to tell, it was just her. In the moment. In the light. Just the way she is.

After this shoot I had a mix of emotions. Her body, so beautiful, so photographic in its shapes and contours was in one word: inspiring. She made me realize that the female form in any shape and size is incredible. To have curves, softness, confidence was true beauty. She represented to me what being a woman was all about. I understood why Renior and Matisse painted the way they did and I saw that beauty too. I was so proud to be a woman and in my personal life, more confident about the size of my chest and softness around my stomach. If wrinkles show the hand of time and the life that was lived, curves show the fertility of it and the raw attraction of humanity.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that women come in many fascinating forms and, at this sitting, I saw beauty in a way that should be more often seen.

Here’s to the beautiful form we call being a WOMAN.

  The_Female_Nude_04 The_Female_Nude_05 The_Female_Nude_06 The_Female_Nude_07  The_Female_Nude_09 The_Female_Nude_10  The_Female_Nude_12 The_Female_Nude_13 The_Female_Nude_14 The_Female_Nude_15 The_Female_Nude_16 The_Female_Nude_17 The_Female_Nude_18 The_Female_Nude_19 The_Female_Nude_20 The_Female_Nude_21  The_Female_Nude_23 The_Female_Nude_24 The_Female_Nude_25 The_Female_Nude_26   The_Female_Nude_29 The_Female_Nude_30

This shoot was made possible by my talented collaborators that keep me constantly inspired:

Model: Jourdan, instagram || Creative Direction Kelly Framel, instagram || Hair & Makeup Porsche Cooper, instagram || Production Assistance Erin Framel || Photography Assistance Diana Ola || Shot at our studio on an Oliphant backdrop

  • D Gosha

    This is so beautiful!

  • Natacha

    I am really inspired by this article!!

  • Jamie, this shoot is what perfection is…

    I’ve, of course, struggled in the past with self image as most women do (it’s near impossible not to at some point in today’s society), but I’ve found that learning to love your body, your face, your personality and who you are as a woman comes with time and maturity. Growing up with a mother who always had curves from as far back as I can remember only made me admire her more for it as I’ve made that realization. My mother has always been absolutely magnificent in my eyes, and it was always due to her confidence in knowing that she was beautiful in spite of and because of those curves, combined with all other aspects of her body/face/personality that made her into the wholesome and complete woman that she is. And having that as constant inspiration has helped me tremendously while growing up and will continue to as I hope to age as gracefully as she has.

    Your model Jourdan is gorgeous and this post/shoot has to be one of my new favorites! Thank you for sharing… <3

    • Nilli Willi

      I’m reeking of envy!

  • Sofia

    When I saw this post on facebook with the thumbnail of the first picture a thought it was an Irving Penn picture, it reminded me about a shoot of Gisele Bundchen he did. So beautiful work Jamie! 🙂

    Myself I love curvy models, like Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Yasmeen Ghauri, Christy Turlington, etc. I very much into 80s and 90s models, I think they had healthier bodies and wore the clothes better than today models, but that is just my opinion. 🙂

    I love that you have worked with different types of women! You are very inspiring!

    I wonder if you shot these pictures with a film camera? The quality of these picture is just perfect!

  • critic of fashion

    Absolutely gorgeous. Not difficult to celebrate the female form when you’re working with supermodel material.

  • Jessica

    I am rarely one to comment online, but these photographs just took my breath away and I felt that I had to say something: Thank You. Seeing a woman with a similar build to mine on a site I often visit to see beauty but rarely relatable to me… well, not to put too intense a meaning on it, but it made my day. Please keep it up!

  • yvonne

    Absolutely stunning a beautiful woman wow a woman proud to be the shape she is, not fighting to be the usual stereotypical model..fantastic photography, let’s see more of women any shape any size we are all beautiful,..

  • I’m in love with this entire shoot and I just wanted to say a couple of things:
    1.) I really appreciate the fact that her nails are unpolished. It’s raw and real, and it’s a detail that I just die for.
    2.) My favorite shot I think is the one where she is scrunching her face, because I think for me, what is so suffocating about most of the photos of women that I’m exposed to is how perfectly content they always look. I go through big emotional ups and downs (lots of downs), so I have a hard time relating to constantly being happy or at least constantly appearing happy. I love that photo so much.

    I love all of these honestly. You should be so proud. 🙂 🙂

    • I love the imperfect nails and scrunched face, too.

  • Jamie, thank you! I can’t express how healing these photographs are for me in so many ways. You’ve managed to combine art and therapy and I am once again in awe.

  • Jamie, in one word: reality. Thank you and Jourdan for these amazing images-just beautiful!

  • Jamie, these are incredible and emotive. She’s stunning and I wouldn’t change a thing. Looking at these makes me realize just how much time and energy I waste on body insecurities and trying to be thinner. It’s time I will never get back. I’m curvy and am going to fully embrace it. Thank you, Jamie, Jourdan and all your friends for the beautiful reality check.

  • Senada

    Jamie, thank you! In fact, what you showed us here is the perfection. Thank you.

  • Rocío

    Everything about this is beautiful. You totally shared something some people think as taboo in such a wonderful way.

    – x

  • Marta

    Gorgeous. What a presence!

  • Your words, your photos, your vision = amazing perfection!

  • This. is. everything.Your work never ceases to amaze, inspire and be important for our young, current generation. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • So much love for this. I want to turn some of these photographs into drawings. White charcoal on black paper…

  • This is incredible. Thank you so much for posting!

  • Lorrana Gonçalves

    A gente tem que aceitar o nosso corpo sim , pq foi Deus que nos deu. Então somos perfeitas , precisamos aceitar como ele é , não importa se você é gorda , magra , alta ou baixa . Vamos nos amar mais

  • So beautiful, so inspiring.

  • anonymous

    where is the cellulite???

  • These images are so beautiful.

  • Katya

    Beautiful woman, beautiful photos! thank you for sharing

  • Daisy K. Kao


  • TheDiscussion

    Is she going to be okay?

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