St. Regis New York

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[O]h the glamorous St. Regis New York hotel. I seem to always find myself here if it’s for a photoshoot, to film a video, attend a midnight supper, watch a  New York Fashion Week designer shows, or meet a client at the King Cole Bar for cocktails. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan its unyielding standard of elegance, history, and hospitality make it the perfect place to find yourself for any reason. Having just finished a new redesign throughout the hotel the property feels contemporary and fresh without loosing the formality synonymous with its name.

When Kevin and I wrapped a very intense shoot out in L.A. last week for Volvo we decided to carve out some R&R time, and take a moment to celebrate how far we have come and what we have survived (cough, 3AM call times three days in a row). Since I went for days shooting outside with no makeup, dirty from crawling on the ground and sweaty from standing in the sun, I wanted full fledged romance with crystal chandeliers, red lipstick and high heels.

So we had a little staycation at the St. Regis New York with champagne and oysters, fine dining and dessert followed by sleeping late and lazy morning baths. It was heaven and for a moment, high atop a building in Midtown Manhattan, we felt like two kids drunk in love lost in a beautiful castle in the sky.

StRegis_NewYork_01 Above, Kevin wears his new Ralph Lauren suit as we arrive to the St. Regis with our Hartmann Tweed weekender. Below, I wear a Ralph Lauren white boatneck summer dress and Elie Tahari heels. StRegis_NewYork_02 StRegis_NewYork_03  StRegis_NewYork_05 StRegis_NewYork_06 StRegis_NewYork_07 StRegis_NewYork_08    StRegis_NewYork_12 StRegis_NewYork_13 StRegis_NewYork_30StRegis_NewYork_14  StRegis_NewYork_10StRegis_NewYork_15 StRegis_NewYork_16 There is nothing more New York than having a Martini and an Old Fashioned at the King Cole Bar under the stunning mural by Maxfield Parrish which was recently restored. Afterwards we had dinner in the salon and if you were following my snapchat (AnnStreetStudio) you would have been along for that fun experience with us! StRegis_NewYork_17 StRegis_NewYork_18 StRegis_NewYork_19  StRegis_NewYork_21   StRegis_NewYork_24 StRegis_NewYork_25 StRegis_NewYork_26 StRegis_NewYork_27 StRegis_NewYork_28 StRegis_NewYork_29 Did you know the St. Regis has a Tiffany Suite? It felt fitting for us to wear our “TiffanyNYMinute” watches for this special date. His & HersStRegis_NewYork_33StRegis_NewYork_20StRegis_NewYork_34Below, leaving the St. Regis at the last possible minute in my Norma Kamali dress (her clothes are the best for travel! They don’t wrinkle and are wonderfully comfy),  Manolo Blahnik d’Orsay flats and Tiffany watchStRegis_NewYork_35 StRegis_NewYork_36 StRegis_NewYork_37

Think this was romantic?… Take a peek at the St. Regis in Florence

  • Lovely ! 🙂 <3

    I know it's Monday but … you're awesome! | Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • Gah this looks amazing… PS loved chuckling over yours and Kevin’s snapchats. You are a pro! x

  • Lucero Arechiga

    Beautiful photos as always, I think your first day of being married remain still my favorite. The photo of the both of you (in this post), has me counting your fingers twice! (he he he…) What lens are you using here?

    Your faithful Texan fan, klevergirl

    • Thanks darlin! Mostly it is with a 50mm canon lens (around 2.8) and a few wide angle shots for the interior with a 24mm-70mm. 🙂

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    Nice photos 🙂


    Maria V.

  • alovelybeing

    Your snapchats from this stay were hilarious. Love your style, as always. Kevin looks rather dapper, too!

    So enjoying your photos from Paris! x

  • Pia

    Wow gorgeous photos, you are beautiful!

  • So lovely photos and great details.
    My hunsband and I also have a blog about travel and photography 🙂