Snapshots from Los Angeles

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[A]fter heading out to L.A. to experience the Sound of Luxury we decided to make it a long weekend…why would you not, it was 18 degrees in New York at that time. We rented the most amazing Airbnb industrial loft in Marina del Rey to hide out in when we weren’t experiencing all the best food L.A. had to offer. Mostly, I wanted to just cruise around and play in the sun, dance in the light, and feel the ocean spray on my face. Here are snapshots from a weekend in Los Angeles shot on black & white 35mm film with the camera I first learned how to take photos with…

Los_Angeles_2016_03 While in Guatemala I discovered Swedish designer Rodebjer whom I’ve since fell in love with. Above, wearing Rodebjer’s white shirt dress that allows you to unbutton the front, back and sides in any conformation to change it from a shirt to a dress to the perfect beach coverup. Los_Angeles_2016_04 Los_Angeles_2016_05 Los_Angeles_2016_06 Los_Angeles_2016_07

Above & Below~ Snapshots of our Airbnb in Marina del Rey


Above~ In a perfect spring linen jacket by L.A. based designer Raquel Allegra.

Los_Angeles_2016_13 Los_Angeles_2016_14 Los_Angeles_2016_15

Above~ Visiting our very talented and funny friend’s interior design shop Consort and bought one of these funny little things… 

Los_Angeles_2016_17 Los_Angeles_2016_10Los_Angeles_2016_16Los_Angeles_2016_18 Los_Angeles_2016_19 Los_Angeles_2016_20 Los_Angeles_2016_22 Los_Angeles_2016_21Los_Angeles_2016_23Los_Angeles_2016_29Los_Angeles_2016_39Los_Angeles_2016_31 Los_Angeles_2016_33 Los_Angeles_2016_34 Los_Angeles_2016_36 Los_Angeles_2016_37 Los_Angeles_2016_35

Above~ Heading to dinner in Zara knit top and skirt. We can all agree that Zara is just really so good, right? 


Below~ Working from “home” in CF. Goldman sweater and the perfect ripped knee faded black jean for L.A. by Mother denim. 


More Snapshots from…. 

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  • Dressed With Soul

    Wow, adorable snapshots from Los Angeles!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • I adore your film photography.

    • Thank you 🙂 It feels so good to go back to my photography roots like this and remember how I fell in love with photography.

  • Heading to the west coast next week, and your black and white photos of LA have me in just the right mood! Cali lifestyle is always so chill and allows you to slow down and enjoy the moment, and these photos capture that so perfectly.

    And every new set of photos of yourself that you post here become my new favorites! Your style has evolved and become so refined and sophisticated over the years, I’m in absolute love!


    • Where are you going on the west coast?!

      • Oak Glen, California for a wedding, then a few days out in LA! I know your food guide of the city will prove to be very useful… 🙂

        • Oh have a great time! So much good food in LA. I bet the wedding is going to be beautiful this time of year out there. Enjoy for all of us!

  • I was in a color film mood lately… but every time I see your BW film photos I think about only shoot bw, haha. Just loaded a tri-x in my cam, btw. And I feel happy about it. 🙂

  • Love these photos Jamie, they are so dreamy; especially the one of you in that gorgeous shirt dress

  • LOVE that mirror photo of yours! So old-Hollywood sexy!!

  • My favorite photo was the bathtub one. So pretty.

    • Thanks! I was trying to decide if I should put that in or if it was too much, but the memory of taking a bath in that golden morning light was so special to me I wanted to have it there for the times I revisit the post and relive the experience. 🙂

  • Tarragona IN

    Love all the pictures but my favourite one is the picture with you in a black skirt in Zara style!!!

  • GURRL, these are just so good!! We can all agree that YOU are super fabulous. That Zara knit skirt and top looks so dang good on you! I love LA – looks like you had a great time!

    • I love LA in winter 😉 Thanks darling- your Boston ballet shots have been stunning!

  • I always look forward to your snapshot posts…

  • Rebekah Zale

    I am moving to LA after having spent 5 years living in Santiago, Chile. This makes me a little more excited about it, thank you!

    • What a fun new adventure you’re about to begin!

  • These photos are so retro and so good! 😀