Snapshots from Telluride

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[I]t was a perfect birthday getaway, a weekend in Telluride, Colorado in a glass house at the end of the road. The interiors are designed by my friends Mat and Brandon who conceived the perfect peaceful sanctuary bathed in light and wrapped in nature. Having a March birthday, I love retreating to the mountains to reflect on the passage of time and celebrate the beauty of life.

We skied her perfect slopes with sweeping views of white capped mountains. We cozied up by the fire, Après-ski sipping on spiced hot chocolate and recapping the day’s events.

This little town that sits inside a teacup of mountains has somehow preserved its down home roots without pretension and for the love of all things natural. I spent a couple of hours at the holistic Medicine Ranch, a boutique shop with an array of locally made elixirs, incredible all natural moisturizers and every kind of rock, crystal and stone to cure whatever ails you. I also adored a little store and local grocer called Over the Moon where you can find everything from artisanal cheeses to the antique French boards to serve them on.

Telluride_02Telluride_03 Telluride_04 Telluride_05 Telluride_06 Telluride_07 Telluride_08

Above~ Medicine Ranch // Below~ Over the Moon

Telluride_09 Telluride_10 Telluride_11 Telluride_12Telluride_14

Above~ My birthday companions Brandon Quattrone & Mat Sanders creators of Consort Design.

Telluride_15 Telluride_16 Telluride_18



Champagne & Caviar for birthday celebrations!

Telluride_20 Telluride_21 Telluride_22 Telluride_23

Above~ Cozy for another year older in Ralph Lauren ivory sweater dress and overcoat.


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  • Cato weemaes

    Beautiful pics!

  • Charity Snowden

    Fingers crossed that I dream of a getaway as dreamy as the one you had. And Crossing my toes that I dream about it in black and white, too.


  • Looks like such a lovely getaway! I’d love to visit Telluride 🙂

  • This made want to go shooting in B/W film. Just the best.
    P.S. Happy birthday!

  • That Ralph Lauren sweater dress is perfect. You look amazing.

  • Tarragona IN

    Love your white dress!!!

  • Happy birthday, beautiful. What a perfect way to celebrate. I hope that this ends up being your best year yet…

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy belated birthday to you, Jamie! You grow more beautiful and elegant with time, and I hope that this year and all the years to follow are filled with even more glamor and adventure your way! And such timeless photographs, as always… <3