A Story for Harper’s Bazaar

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[T]omorrow in Austin, Texas, my friend and editorial director of The Coveteur, Laurel Pantin is getting married. Everyone has their wedding dress story of finding “the one”, but working in fashion makes choosing that one perfect dress insanely difficult…. so that’s why Laurel bought somewhere around seven options! To play off her indecisiveness Harper’s Bazaar asked us to put together a fun fashion editorial covering a myriad of bridal personalities from traditional wedding gowns to designer Fall 2016 collections and every hairstyle in between….

To see the full story visit Harper’s Bazaar!


  • She’s so gorgeous, and can literally pull of any of the looks! I’m so curious to see what she’s actually going to be wearing on the big day – have fun at the wedding!

  • Sofia

    So beautiful!

  • GAH! I was DYING watching the snapchat stories all of you shared. The finished product is even more magical… And now I want to get married again & have seven outfit changes…

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic
  • This is so beautiful!

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