Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat

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[T]here can’t possibly be anything more glamorous than checking in to a chic white hotel perched on the edge of rocky cliffs cascading down into the emerald Mediterranean Sea. The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons hotel, is one of those truly perfect classic icons that keeps the French Riviera sparkling, and for me, a dream destination.

This hotels ranks as one of my personal favorites. It’s so timeless in design from the marble bath and crown moldings to the french windows that over look manicured gardens and sweeping sea views. I loved dining on Niçoise salad in my room with a glass of rosé, windows open playing along in a slow dance with the floor-to-ceiling sheer white curtains. I loved the crisp white palette with elements of French design revealing themselves through a blue linen chair or gilded mirror. From movie stars to royalty, writers to artists, this property has housed some of the most amazing talent and minds in the world who come for peace and solitude in the must luxurious comforts.

When I dream of the Cote d’Azur, I dream of this….


Above, traveling in an outfit by St. John, which I love, along with this brand because they do not wrinkle. Shoes by Stuart Weitzman, luggage by SteamLine (OBSESSED), bag by CHANEL.  

Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__04 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__05 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__06 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__07 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__08

I was in France to experience the new fragrance by CHANEL, L’EAU, a modern update on the classic CHANEL No.5.

Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__09 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__11Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__10 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__13 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__12Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__14 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__15 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__16 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__17 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__18  Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__20 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__21 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__22 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__23 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__24 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__25 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__26 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__27 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__28 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__19Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__29 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__30  Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__32 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__33 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__34 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__35 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__36 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__37 Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__39Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__38Grand_Hotel_du_Cap_Ferrat__40lighthouse-615

Above, SteamLine Luggage in Starlet, below, my friend Stephanie Liu in VINCE


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  • Haddy Jeng

    This is imagery is gorgeous. I love the photography!!! This hotel seems stunning!

  • Natacha

    Thank you so much for this article and these gorgeous photos, you truly transported me on holidays (although I’m currently in rainy Belgium). J’ai adoré !

  • Ballets&Bows

    These photos are beautiful!

  • Beautiful! I LOVE your pictures and this hotel is simply amazing! O, and your black shoes are so pretty!


  • Jamie

    So, so, so fine- every detail. My eyes and senses are very happy.

  • Rachel Vogeleisen

    Gosh this is absolutely wonderful! So atmospheric what an amazing place! And you photograph make us believe we are part of it!

  • Wow, amazing photos! I really miss France =/
    Blue Jazzmin

  • Love your photos. Always. Amazing work, you make me daydream <3