A Picnic in Provence

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[I]t was perfect. A picnic in Provence where it is so simple, so easy, it’s practically laid out for you! Bouncing around visiting the little ancient villages perched on hilltops you are bound to bump into one of the farmer’s markets that migrates daily from town to town. Stalls of cheeses, cured meats, fresh eggs, provencal olives, rustic breads, almond based sweets and the most delicious seasonal produce all lined up for discovery. There is no flashy marketing, just the country staples.

It brought me such joy.

We’d pick up a bottle of local wine which, in this region, is treated much more like a casual daily ritual than a precious commodity. More like an expression of joy from the earth and the community, and the simple pleasures of life. I bought an old monogrammed linen sheet from a yard sale which provided ample space for all our accompaniments to rest in afternoons under cherry trees, or hilltop vistas, lying down for a nap or to read a book, or even just listening quietly to my Renoir playlist as I watched the clouds roll by in all their funny shapes up there in that big blue sky.


Below, caught in the wind under the cherry trees in a Reformation floral dress and Maison Michel hat

A_Picnic_In_Provence_05 A_Picnic_In_Provence_06   A_Picnic_In_Provence_12A_Picnic_In_Provence_09 A_Picnic_In_Provence_10 A_Picnic_In_Provence_11  A_Picnic_In_Provence_13 A_Picnic_In_Provence_15A_Picnic_In_Provence_14 A_Picnic_In_Provence_07A_Picnic_In_Provence_04

Sleeping in Provence

  • This looks like the perfect day! The cheese plate looks amazing!


  • Ballets&Bows

    I love your outfit! These pics are gorgeous 🙂

  • This looks lovely! And that floral dress is beautiful!

  • M. de Sade

    I live in Avignon, not too far from Lacoste. I was in that spot a week ago. I must say that your interpretation of French Provençal life is quite interesting. Our wardrobe does not consist of Breton striped shirts. However, for a tourist who does not know their way around Southern France this Where’s Waldo inspired sartorial creation will get you noticed by the locals.

    As a note to other travellers, that grassy area where you staged your photographs is full of bees and insects and the grass can be quite thorny. A favorite picnic spot for locals is Pont Julien.

    • Yikes. I don’t think Jamie meant any disrespect and I can’t see how Breton stripes would be offensive whether it’s your personal taste or not. She is not claiming to represent an entire nation with her style or her picnic. She’s a photographer not an anthropologist.

  • This doesn’t even look real! Such a dream! x

  • Jamie


  • I want this to be my last meal on this earth. Supremely gorgeous.

  • Looks like the perfect place to lounge (and snack) the afternoon away!

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