Bulgari Resort Bali

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[S]tanding elegantly off a cliff overlooking the endless Indian Ocean is the amazing Bulgari Resort Bali. It is a luxury resort balancing the natural elements and Balinese traditions with the sophistication of the Italian design house complete with an Italian restaurant so wonderful it was awarded ‘Best Hotel Restaurant in the World’ by International Food & Beverage Forum.

An amazing juxtaposition of private villas and sprawling mansions sound like a mega resort but that it is certainly not. It maintains a personal sense of privacy, and most importantly for me, peace all while making nature the greatest design element of all. The natural tones and traditional building elements sit the resort comfortably into the lush green and dramatic rocky cliff location.

I started each morning jetlagged at 5am, watching the colors of the sunrise fill the sky. Always first to breakfast, I would sit and have a traditional Balinese soup of chicken broth and noodles with mixed vegetables (and A LOT of spice) to the distant sound of the ocean crashing below. Lunches down by the beach consisted of fresh squeezed juices and light fish while the afternoons were perfectly filled with dips in our private pool before a 4pm walk around the property looking for the resident monkeys to see what trouble they were getting into.

This is my second time visiting Bali. What draws one here mostly, in my opinion, is the culture. The peacefulness of the people and the spirit of the ones who have moved here to be closer to it. Yoga, organic juices, and nature are the commodities of Bali, and are served up here at Bulgari in this beautiful setting. On my first visit to Bali I explored all over the island from hiking to the the top of a volcano to shooting on the black sand beaches and sleeping in a structure made of entirely bamboo. Though on this trip we did venture out to Ubud, mostly I just wanted to stay here at the resort. The beauty and calm is what my soul needed.

So here is to another amazing experience on this little island on the Indian Ocean… 

bulgari_resort_bali_003 bulgari_resort_bali_004  bulgari_resort_bali_006  bulgari_resort_bali_008 bulgari_resort_bali_009  bulgari_resort_bali_011 bulgari_resort_bali_012 bulgari_resort_bali_013  bulgari_resort_bali_015

Below and on the cover image in a dress by Fame and Partners

bulgari_resort_bali_031bulgari_resort_bali_016 bulgari_resort_bali_017 bulgari_resort_bali_018 bulgari_resort_bali_019  bulgari_resort_bali_021 bulgari_resort_bali_022

Above watching the sunset on the resort’s infinity edge in a silk dress by Maiyet

bulgari_resort_bali_023 bulgari_resort_bali_024 bulgari_resort_bali_025   bulgari_resort_bali_028

In my private villa in a dress by Lois London

bulgari_resort_bali_029 bulgari_resort_bali_030  bulgari_resort_bali_032 bulgari_resort_bali_033 bulgari_resort_bali_034 bulgari_resort_bali_035 bulgari_resort_bali_037 bulgari_resort_bali_038 bulgari_resort_bali_039 bulgari_resort_bali_040   bulgari_resort_bali_044 bulgari_resort_bali_043bulgari_resort_bali_045 bulgari_resort_bali_047 bulgari_resort_bali_048 bulgari_resort_bali_049 bulgari_resort_bali_050 bulgari_resort_bali_051 bulgari_resort_bali_052 bulgari_resort_bali_053 bulgari_resort_bali_054 bulgari_resort_bali_055  bulgari_resort_bali_057

Below, out on a lunch excursion exploring Como Shambhala (where I stayed previously) in a dress by Creatures of the Wind

bulgari_resort_bali_058 bulgari_resort_bali_059 bulgari_resort_bali_060 bulgari_resort_bali_056

Below- we caught up with David, an American textile designer who specializes in beautiful indigo designs, at his home in Ubud. I was obsessed with his perfectly Balinese day bed meets designer expression. 

bulgari_resort_bali_062 bulgari_resort_bali_063 bulgari_resort_bali_064

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  • Wow! Bali looks amazing! Beautiful photos!

  • These photos are incredible! Especially loving the photos of you!! x

  • Oh my goodness – what a beautiful place. These photos are absolutely beautiful!

  • I love the pictures of the sea. And I had no idea that Italian and Balinese cultures could be merged together to create such an amazing effect!

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