It’s All About the Souk…

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The phrase “shop till you drop” was never more well said than after a day in Marrakech’s Le Souk. If I wasn’t such a woman distracted by shopping in every other stall I came across, I could have wondered the narrow corridors all day in amazement of the wares, colors, food, local culture and vast size… but alas, these are the few snapshots of this ultimate shopping excursion Kelly & I embarked on in day three of Marrakech~ 

Below: WATCH OUT FOR THE MOTORBIKES! We became very trained to step to the side when you hear the sound of a motorbike coming because OH! They will not stop!

Below: You can’t go to Morocco and not go rug shopping! I bought floor rugs, pouf rugs, rug shoes, a rug backpack, rug tote… hence the trip hash tag #putarugonit because then, obviously, I will buy it. 

Below: Best olives I have ever eaten. 

Below: After a long day of shopping we reviewed the damage, freshened up and then went for a lovely dinner at Le Morocian. Kelly sprayed orange blossom on her Naeem Khan shawl as she disappeared behind the garden walls. 

Below: With new souk purchased earrings, I slipped into a classic caped Halston Heritage gown, another genius piece from RTR

  • I never get tired of looking at exotic travel photos… and yours are fabulous! Great job!