Desert Oasis

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Throwing on our souk purchased packs, Kelly and I ventured out of the ancient walls of Marrakech onward to the Agafay desert at the base of the Atlas Mountains. It is quite a strange sensation feeling the heat of the desert sun on your skin while looking out onto snow capped mountains…

Day four in Marrakech, the adventure~

It was tan as far as the eye could see until we came over the hill and spotted our desert oasis “Le Pause” waiting for us.

We relaxed away the late morning sun under heavy woven tents and soft corner couches where the breeze off the earth swept through keeping us cool from the heat of the day.

Le Pause has no electricity, cell service or Internet making it a true escape from our daily lives. 

Below: A traditional tagine lunch of apricots, pears, almonds, dates and lamb was served over simple couscous on rugged tin plates. With light salads, fresh fruit desserts and long slow conversations, we sipped crisp rosé wine as the hours melted away. 

Light and airy, for outfit credits please see here

Ready to see more, we hopped onto a pair of camels and headed out into the desert sun, taking in the landscape one last time before heading back to town, rested and relaxed. 

  • WOW! Love the pics… you really did a great job capturing the essence of Marrakech.