Nature Studies

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Yesterday the most magical thing happened, a butterfly flew into the studio, dancing around all the little flower arrangements left over from last week’s shoot. There is something special about nature when it’s brought indoors.  As I watched this delicate little creature flutter around our lofty space it reminded me of childhood memories in Texas, chasing monarchs through the yard. We talk a lot about the meaning of a cinemagraph, how it exists as living photo. We wanted to cinemagraph this moment to forever remember the simple joy of nature fluttering in our open windows and making us stop and smile at its beauty. I wanted to remember the little girl I once was who had nothing to worry about on those summer afternoons but to study butterflies and be enchanted by nature…

PS- did you know we once bought sleeping butterflies for a photo shoot? They come in envelopes in a box with an ice pack. The cool temperature makes them dormant and you can dip your finger in orange soda or some sort of sweet liquid and place them there where they will stay, wake up, drink, flap there wings for a couple of mins before flying off. It’s really the most fun! 

*we took the butterfly outside and released it back on its journey in the middle of Manhattan*

  • so beautiful – love your cinemagraphs – such a wonderful medium


  • sandrine jouss

    Love the butterfly in the bottle, how did you do it? J’adore vraiment:)

    New on my French fashion blog:

    Noeuds pap’ on my jacket (Bows on my jacket)

    Bisous bisous!!!

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    Love. It’s really cool that you can buy sleeping butterflies! That would be amazing for weddings!

  • So beautiful! Just love the serenity of this cinemagraph.

  • Ellie Caroline

    Such a simple thing with such a beautiful { and mesmerizing } portrayal. I just love those little moments!

  • TrésorParisien

    My heart flutters…

  • chameleonic

    Just stop being so damn amazing at everything 😉

  • Sanne Lelie

    I absolutely love this cinemagraph. It’s one of your best 🙂

  • Naomi

    This is absolutely magical. I love the composition! The flickering of the flame in the magnifying glass (!) and the fluttering of the butterfly is beautifully done.