The Love Affair

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Leilani Bishop (16)

[I] have been thinking a lot about love affairs: my great love affair with photography, and how something that can bring you so much joy can cause so much pain. The thing about love affairs is that there is always a beginning and an end. Summer, for me, is the greatest love affair of all. The way its beauty and light hurt in your memory on cold winter days. How much you look forward to it when it blows in through the window and how sad it is when the light of day ends and golden leaves begin to fall. Summer is love. Summer was made for love.
Leilani Bishop knows the bittersweetness of summer. She makes perfume oils that entrap the florals that dance through the long, hot, sticky afternoons. The single note scents of a delicate flower that rub off on summer lovers and reminds them of you long after the last petal falls. Here Leilani plays our muse who is trapped forever in an impossible love affair as the end of summer prepares to turn the page into fall…

Starring Leilani Bishop and Zach Lynd, styled by Kelly Framel, hair and makeup by Ana Sicat. Shot in Amagansett, NY.

Leilani Bishop (15)

above: Candela Skirt, Todd Snyder Coat

below: Mara Hoffman Dress, Maggy Frances Coat, Birkenstock Sandals 

Leilani Bishop (14) Leilani Bishop (13) Leilani Bishop (12)

above: Mimi Plange Skirt, Todd Snyder Coat, Vintage Fedora 

Leilani Bishop (11)

below: Candela Dress, Confezioni Crosby Coat

Leilani Bishop (10)  Leilani Bishop (8)   Leilani Bishop (5)

above & below: BCBG Dress, Kaelen Coat

Leilani Bishop (6)

Leilani Bishop (7)

above & below: Miguelina dress, 10 Crosby Derek Lam Coat, Birkenstock Sandals

Leilani Bishop (4) Leilani Bishop (3) Leilani Bishop (2) Leilani Bishop (1)

Modeled by Leilani Bishop and Zachary Lynd / Photography by Jamie Beck / Styling by Kelly Framel  / Beauty by Ana Sicat / Shot on location in Amagansett, NY

Remember last year’s end of summer editorial?…


  • Oh… that beautiful summer light, I think that’s what I’ll miss the most! Beautiful editorial Jamie, my favorite is the third from the last… it seems as though it’s almost a capture from a Jane Austen novel! So very romantic…

  • camillaleila

    I just commented on Kelly’s post but this is one of my favorite shoots you two have done. I love the colors and the textures, the fabrics, the natural environment, everything. Definitely evokes all the feelings of a classic love affair. So good it hurts.

  • Dana Rose

    I knew from instagram when you were scouting locations that you two were in the process of creating magic! I hope the model doesn’t take this the wrong way but my favorite thing about these photos is that her laugh lines (or as I like to call them life lines) are not photoshopped out or filled with botox. She is a natural beauty and beauty is at every age whether your 25 or 65…I can never understand why our culture is so afraid of the proof that we have lived, laughed and loved from a few lines. Great photos, great styling, great muse!

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    This is just damn good photography. Kelly did an AMAZING job with the styling. I just LOVE the story these photos bring to life. The muse does an fantastic job modeling. Everything thing about this session is just jaw dropping.

  • totally gorgeous & romantic

  • Tarragona IN

    Beautiful pictures to say goodbye summer of 2013 😉

  • Leith Mahoney-Maver

    Absolutely stunning photos! Nothing I could say about them would do them justice. – Leith

  • Lys

    Love the photos, love all your editorials! It’s all so cool and inspiring. No words to express all my admiration.

  • Amy

    The thing about summer is it will come again. Beautiful.

  • Lily

    Really great pictures! But you now what is more amazing?
    The way to get married in 4 months! Don’t miss that!

  • Shivani


  • Elizabeth@Pine Cones and Acrns

    Absolutely stunning!