A Travel Backpack for the Classic at Heart

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If you’ve been following along on Instagram (sorry about it) you know we’ve been on another epic South American adventure, this time to glorious Brazil!  We travel all the time, currently at 10 weeks straight at airports!, so I’m always looking for better ways to streamline, simplify and carry my necessities in the most comfortable & stylish way.

I found this vintage Hermes backpack, which is such a far cry from the JanSports we all carried in elementary school, from a vintage online luxury retailer LXR & Co. which is now my globe-trotting best friend. I’m guessing the quality and craftsmanship will hold up better than my last travel backpack


What’s in my bag:

  • The Leica M which I’m loving for travel, as it is lightweight & more compact than DSLRs
  • Michael Kors Double Wrap Leather Watch I wear a wrist watch set to the local time I have traveled to and keep my iPhone on NY time so that I can stay in touch on email and post to social channels in appropriate real time
  • A Peace Treaty silk scarf  a scarf is an easy thing to throw on and dress up your look from day to night if you don’t have time to go back to the hotel. I also spray my scarf with perfume as an extra layer of refreshing the way you feel  
  • Hermes Passport Wallet when I’m not carrying my Coach Travel Wallet which I use as a master catch all of airplane tickets, money, itinerary, coins, and transportation tickets, this Hermes is simple and indiscreet.
  • Ralph Lauren Gentleman’s Card Case I like to keep my wallet as slim, simple, and lightweight as possible so that I may slip it in a pocket and go for times I don’t need to take everything with me.
  • Steven Alan Monroe Sunglasses for the sun and for the travel days you don’t wear makeup.
  • Of a Kind Nude iPhone Wallet I use the little pockets to hold business cards!
  • Silver Travel Pill Case I bought recently from a shop window on Royal Street in New Orleans because nobody has time for a headache when you’re looking at beauty like this… 

 *Plaid alpaca throw and sheepskin rug are from our adventures through Chile’s Patagonia


Above~ Exploring the rainforest in MAIYET (remember this shoot?) with my Hermes backpack, Steven Alan sunnies and Michael Kors wrist watch

Below~ together on the boat to Juma Lodge deep in the Amazon