Worth its Weight in Gold

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a look at the special pieces of gold jewelry I wear and why

[I] like for the jewelry I wear to mean something, to have a story when people ask me about it. Yesterday was the start of New York Fashion Week which means lots of photographs, lots of beautiful clothing and lots of chatting with fashion friends I’ve missed over the summer. A woman on the street complimented me on my gold jewelry which meant so much because each piece has a memory sewn into its life with me. The most important being Kevin’s wedding band {above} which was my Grandfather’s and we all know how amazing he was. They could not afford to buy wedding rings when they were married today, September 5th, 1950, so for their one year anniversary my grandmother had saved for months to buy this simple gold band.

When I’m shooting or traveling to more rural parts of the world I also prefer to wear a more simplistic set of jewelry than the beautiful vintage ring that usually lives on my finger (and I still get caught starring in awe at it). Instead I wear another simpler ring that is very special to me. Yesterday we learned about John Hardy’s Greener Every Day initiative with their bamboo collection: when you wear bamboo, you plant bamboo. My bamboo ring is inscribed on the inside “This Planted 7 Bamboos” and reminds me not only to take care of the earth around us but also recalls a life changing journey to Bali with John Hardy and Cuyana.

a look at the special pieces of gold jewelry I wear and why

Around my neck is a long gold chain with two charms dangling off it: the moon & stars with the earth. The Moon & Stars was a gift from a woman photographer & creator of very exclusive heirloom pieces I greatly admire after I photographed her daughters at our studio. The earth was an anniversary gift from my husband to remind me of all the places we’ve been and all the dreams I have to look forward to.

a look at the special pieces of gold jewelry I wear and why

Almost always on my wrist is my MAIYET gold cuff. This piece was a gift from the team at MAIYET as a thank you for this digital campaign we shot for them last summer. This was one of my favorite shoots I have done, on film, with real women who were real friends and breathtaking. They showed me what natural beauty really is and this piece reminds me of these women and their strength.

a look at the special pieces of gold jewelry I wear and why

{above in Tia Cibani dress and Church’s shoes I have been living in}

The very, very tiny gold chain ring is the most delicate piece of jewelry I own. When I take it off it collapses down to almost nothing so I have a very special place I keep it. This was a gift from Caroline, one of my muses and friends, after we did this shoot together. I love how it reminds me of friendship, of artists, and choosing the creative life as she and I both have done.

What about you? Does your jewelry come with a story?…

a look at the special pieces of gold jewelry I wear and why

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  • Lisa

    My most worn gold pendant is an L that was a 10th birthday present. Nestled next to it is a Winnie the Pooh pendant, my mother is only slightly obsessed with the hunny loving bear.

  • Having worked for a jewellery companies while I was studying at university means that almost every piece I have has a story of its own. From surprise jewellery gifts I received from designers, to some that I admired because they were above my budget only to have friends buy me the items I spent time staring at on a daily basis at work. To items left to me by my mum…its fun wearing them because they all just take you back every time you look at them or while wearing them.

    A evening in Edinburgh’s Secret Garden

  • This is one of the many reasons why I admire you, Jamie. You really think and feel about every single thing around you.

  • Tarragona IN

    In my opinion, jewelry is more beautiful, when it has an special meaning, a history behind.

  • Lillian

    I love the simplicity of these pieces. It captures so well how its most often the small simple things that are the most meaningful. (Also, Tia Cibani. Love.)


  • Jordana @WhiteCabana

    Like you, every piece of jewelry comes with a story. I mark really special occasions with jewelry and every time I wear a piece, memories of a happy occassion or successful achievement come to mind.