Island Girl

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[T]he beauty of Punta Cana was not limited to the just the resorts, but I found the island people of the Dominican Republic mirrored what nature had created. From their charming personality to beautiful warm skin color I found them intoxicating. A strange hybrid of latin culture mixing with European elegance, most of the people we met spoke multiple languages, lived abroad in Europe for a time and had a history of world experience. Being a photographer left alone on a island with her best friend (a stylist) and all these beautiful locals, we decided to focus our lens on Ana Nicole, another one of the Dominican Republic’s beautiful island girls, before she sets out to university in Holland… but for now, she’s just hanging out in Elle Sasson, letting the sun warm her skin, getting guys to open coconuts for us.

Island_Girl_03 Island_Girl_04 Island_Girl_05

Island_Girl_06 Island_Girl_07 Island_Girl_10 Island_Girl_12 Island_Girl_13 Island_Girl_14 Island_Girl_15 Island_Girl_16 Island_Girl_17

{Cover image and above necklace by Oscar de la Renta}

Island_Girl_18  Island_Girl_20Island_Girl_09


Ana Nicole wears clothing by Elle Sasson, necklace by Oscar de la Renta, styled by Kelly Framel

  • Oooo I can feel the warmth of that island sun on my skin and the feel of sand beneath my toes through these photographs. I especially love the light and lack thereof with the shadows in these, beautiful work as always! <3

  • Alex

    Amazing portraits!!!!

  • Jamie

    Jamie!!! Shadows. ❤️

  • Tarragona IN

    Watching this pictures I want the summer back 😉

  • Manish Dwivedi

    WOW!!! lovely fantastic pictures…really want to go out there there enjoy at the beach side.

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  • Absolutely love these pictures! The sunset makes them really feel warm and summerish. And the model is stunning too!

  • Beautiful photos!