Natural Beauty

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[N]atural beauty comes in all forms, in the bareness of a woman’s face, the sweeping landscape of our earth’s vistas, the colors of a sunset and in a precious metal that came crashing down to earth 4 billion years ago: GOLD. We talk about gold jewelry here a lot from what it means to us to where we wear it. I’m always inspired by what designers do with these natural elements, how they create magic with something that traveled across the universe and existed here before mankind.

Modeled by my own natural beauty muse Alli Lanier here are 5 new jewelry designers I’m finding inspiring these days to watch~

Temple St. Clair

Temple St. Clair began, like many great works of art, in Florence, Italy in 1986. A city where the namesake designer still draws inspiration from stating, “Each object that I create carries the soul of the history of the artisans of Florence.” With her signature cocktail rings, rock crystal amulets and elegant gold work, this very chic woman has created a line of jewelry that is collected by in-the-know women that appreciate the balance of art, history and craftsmanship.

Above cover~ 18K Gold Classic Horizontal Oval Ring with Blue Sapphire & Diamond Granulation

Below~ Royal Blue Moonstone & Diamond 18K Gold Bella Bangle


Below~ 18K Gold Owl Face Post Earring with Diamonds



Above~ 18K Gold Bombe Ring with Royal Blue Moonstone & Diamond

Below~ 18K Gold Classic Cabochon Peridot & Diamond Granulation Earrings


Below~ {right} 18K Gold Pavé Ring with Diamonds

Natural_Beauty__16 Natural_Beauty__13

Elena Votsi

She is a modern day Greek Jewelry designer who has placed no limit on her imagination. From designing the 2004 Athens Olympic Medal to rings that win awards for couture design, she takes gold and bends it into places of modern art and story telling of this time.

Below~ 18K Gold Ribbon RingNatural_Beauty__12

Pamela Love

New York City based jewelry designer hits all the key points in today’s conversations- her designs are centered around sustainability using only localized production, ethically sourced gemstones and semiprecious stones, and mostly recycled metals. Her collections would fall on the cool kids, the kind of people you see dancing free at Coachella, nature babies, and is just so rock’n’roll too…

Below~Gold & Pave Diamond Arrowhead Ring




Designer Robert Keith attracts the most interesting of stories as well as collectors of his L.A. based jewelry line. Let’s start with the name- Hoorsenbuhs. Hoorsenbuhs was a 16th century Dutch trading ship sailed by his ancestors. Before becoming a jewelry deisgner and founding Hoorsenbuhs, Keith was a fashion photographer. In 2013 he collaborated with Jay Z on THIS for Barney’s.

Below~ Gold Tri Link Necklace


Below~ {left} Pavé Diamond & Gold Dame Phantom RingNatural_Beauty__14

Janis Savitt

  This designer’s resume is classic: Van Cleef, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren to name a few of the houses she has designed for and if that wasn’t impressive enough, fans of her namesake line Janis Savitt include Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and Beyoncé. She is most known for her geometric designs, stackable rings and cuffs and modern approach.

Below~ Diamond & Gold Star Burst Earrings



Discover more in the world of fine gold jewelry at

  • Tarragona IN

    Great pictures!!! With personality They remember me those pictures by Johannes Vermeer

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  • Emily Fleck

    Oh Jamie. That one of the earrings on the grapefruit just oozes sex. Beautiful work.

  • Tess D’Urbervilles

    Amazing pieces of jewelry and even more amazing pictures. Love the macro detail of the fruit. Genious.

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • aditi

    The delicacy of this is gorgeous. Love it!


  • Karenina

    A precious metal that came crashing down to Earth 4 billion years ago eh? Mmm, no. You guys are great photographers, but your science (and that embarassing bit of copy) needs work. Yikes!

    • Totally open to corrections! Like you said, photographers not scientists! All we can do is research which can at anytime be incorrect. Would love to hear you what you know so I too can learn!

      • Karenina

        You want a metaphor that is at more fully based in truth. Gold did not “crash down” from anywhere (that makes it sound like a meteor). It was formed as the earth formed, (as part of the cosmic dust that forms a supernova) and exists primarily in the crust (which is why it can be “panned” from rivers). So you might say something about gold being from the “explosive origins” of the earth, or “the glistening flakes of cosmic dust that have bewitched humans for centuries. ”

        I should say, I enjoy your blog and find it is among the most professional out there…which is why I was surprised to find such clumsy writing. Please take it as a backhanded compliment that I hold your blog in such high esteem and expect more from you!

        • Actually our research did lead us down the meteor route – and even Wikipedia suggests the same

          • Karenina

            The NG “pop” science article says meteors MAY have had a role…according to one study. As for Wikipedia, I didn’t see anything about meteors (they trotted out the standard wisdom about supernovas). And those aren’t exactly the most credible sources.
            Now I get that you are artists (and very good ones!), but don’t let your imagination get the better of you. You can still write beautiful ideas while being respectful of science. Otherwise we’ll live in a world where people think uranium glows, vaccinations cause autism and Mars is totally inhabitable…oh, wait…

          • hahahhaa, I love your last line. I think you should write for us, you’re good at it! 🙂 Thanks Karenina

          • Karenina

            I would love to write /photograph/illustrate for you any time! (I teach/do all of the above). As I implied, I think your blog is beautiful and so hold you to a higher standard!

          • Hi Karenia! What are your illustrations? I’d love to see! What do you teach? Could you email me more info? jamie @ annstreetstudio . com

          • Wikipedia: “Because the Earth was molten when it was just formed, almost all of the gold present in the Earth sank into the planetary core. Therefore most of the gold that is present today in the Earth’s crust and mantle is thought to have been delivered to Earth later, by asteroid impacts during the late heavy bombardment, about 4 billion years ago.”

            Seems like it’s actually a pretty well accepted theory. What are your more credible sources that dispute these?

          • Karenina

            How about this?

            It is generally accepted in the scientific community that gold has been transported from the earth’s core to the crust through the movement of fluids. You have to remember, the earth’s crust and plates are dynamic; always moving, changing, folding, with elements from the molten core being pushed to the surface.

            If you want some really in-depth reading about this phenomenon, go here:


            Wikipedia is an open reference that can be written and edited by anyone, hence it’s credibility is highly questionable. You would never defend a thesis or do any serious research based on Wikipedia articles. Generally, you should cite articles that are written by experts, peer-reviewed and/or are written by organizations that have credibility (such as governments, NGOs or accredited universities).

            I’m an artist, photographer, writer and teacher, and I’m married to a geologist. I straddle the distance between science and academics and the arts regularly. It behooves artists to learn how to properly research and explore areas that interest them properly, and to respect fact, not whatever neat, questionable idea tickles their fancy!

            I look forward to seeing more of your work. Beautiful blog, keep striving to make it the best!

  • I love how ‘old world’ these images feel. Those diamond and gold starburst earrings are calling to me…

  • Love how beautiful and natural these shots are and how perfectly they go along with your recent style of loving and embracing the natural state of all things. <3

  • this is amazing