Winter Mornings

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[I]t’s Hibernating season. Though I do love to get out and play in the snow from time to time or take a dreamy winter vacation, most of the hours are spent indoors with a good book, magazine (currently obsessed with this for food | this for travel | this for interest), or watching documentaries.

Recently I watched Regarding Susan Sontag and I love her thoughtfulness on photography: “We have a notion about a photograph. You see, we want photographs to tell us the truth, and we value them because they really are records in a sense, let’s say, that a painting isn’t. At the same time we want photographs to lie. We want them to make us look good, that is to say, better than we normally look. Our sense of the world is now ruled and shaped by photographed images.” She goes on to state, “The problem is not that people remember through photographs, but that they remember only the photographs.”

I’ve sense started reading her book On Photography which starts with something I fully believe in, “To collect photographs is to collect the world.”

So this past weekend upstate, I spent every morning in a long hot bath, listening to soft old jazz and reading about that thing I love most of all- photography.

Here is a winter playlist for your own snowy mornings until that spring day comes and we emerge again….

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  • Ah! This is one of the best. One can feel it, taste it, smell it…

  • What a nice obsessions!
    And where did you find that? friend of yours? online?
    I love it.

  • Julia

    Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing and sharing so many lovely and intimate moments in your lives. You inspire me to live a life more beautiful, more curated, more true to my purpose and sense of nostalgia – to celebrate and appreciate the little things. Words cannot truly express my gratitude.

  • Tarragona IN

    I envy that bath!!! I would like to be with the chimeny and a glass of wine, reading a book, and nobody outside, the house in silence…well I’m dreaming. Enjoy your baths!!!

  • Thank you for sharing Susan’s book! Such a thought provoking piece! I checked it out from the library and after digging into just the first two pages I immediately jumped on Amazon to order it for myself! I so appreciate your thoughts on photography along with your beautiful photos. There is so much more to just a pretty photo but to capture a moment…a feeling…that is an art! You inspire me as a photographer in my small business and in photographing my own life. So thank you for giving your photos just a little more depth through your words.