MET Gala 2015

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Once again I had the privilege to cover the red carpet with the Met Museum‘s social media team capturing what is the coined “the party of the year” for the museum’s new fashion exhibition China Through the Looking Glass. From gowns that took  two years to create, to ones that appear completely see-though, it was one breathtaking moment after the next and I’m happy to share with you images from the front lines, captured using my iPhone 6, of my favorite Met Gala 2015 moments….

MET_GALA_2015_03 MET_GALA_2015_04 MET_GALA_2015_05 MET_GALA_2015_06 MET_GALA_2015_07 MET_GALA_2015_08 MET_GALA_2015_09 MET_GALA_2015_10 MET_GALA_2015_11 MET_GALA_2015_12 MET_GALA_2015_13 MET_GALA_2015_14 MET_GALA_2015_15 MET_GALA_2015_16 MET_GALA_2015_17 MET_GALA_2015_18 MET_GALA_2015_19 MET_GALA_2015_20 MET_GALA_2015_21 MET_GALA_2015_22 MET_GALA_2015_23 MET_GALA_2015_24 MET_GALA_2015_25 MET_GALA_2015_26 MET_GALA_2015_27 MET_GALA_2015_28 MET_GALA_2015_29 MET_GALA_2015_30 MET_GALA_2015_31 MET_GALA_2015_32 MET_GALA_2015_33 MET_GALA_2015_34 MET_GALA_2015_35 MET_GALA_2015_36 MET_GALA_2015_37 MET_GALA_2015_38 MET_GALA_2015_39 MET_GALA_2015_40 MET_GALA_2015_41 MET_GALA_2015_42 MET_GALA_2015_43 MET_GALA_2015_44 MET_GALA_2015_45 MET_GALA_2015_46 MET_GALA_2015_47 MET_GALA_2015_48 MET_GALA_2015_49 MET_GALA_2015_50 MET_GALA_2015_51 MET_GALA_2015_52 MET_GALA_2015_53 MET_GALA_2015_54 MET_GALA_2015_55 MET_GALA_2015_56 MET_GALA_2015_57 MET_GALA_2015_58 MET_GALA_2015_59 MET_GALA_2015_60 MET_GALA_2015_61 MET_GALA_2015_62 MET_GALA_2015_63 MET_GALA_2015_64 MET_GALA_2015_65 MET_GALA_2015_66 MET_GALA_2015_67 MET_GALA_2015_68 MET_GALA_2015_69 MET_GALA_2015_70 MET_GALA_2015_71 MET_GALA_2015_72 MET_GALA_2015_73 MET_GALA_2015_74 MET_GALA_2015_75 MET_GALA_2015_76 MET_GALA_2015_77 MET_GALA_2015_78 MET_GALA_2015_79 MET_GALA_2015_80 MET_GALA_2015_81 MET_GALA_2015_82 MET_GALA_2015_83 MET_GALA_2015_84 MET_GALA_2015_85 MET_GALA_2015_86 MET_GALA_2015_87


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  • Rebecca Lippert

    Gorgeous, insanely gorgeous dresses this year! (But I am so confused with the lighting or editing on your photos…? Was it just weird lighting with all the flashes? Why does Amal Clooney have a floating arm in that second photo?)

  • hheh

    You snapped some of the best pictures that I’ve had the chance of seeing so far.

  • We think everyone looked beautiful! The Met Gala always has some of the best and boldest fashion choices!
    We wish we could get dolled up like that and hit the town like a superstar!
    Great photos, some amazing shots!

  • I say this every year, but this was my favorite year of dresses!

  • stephanie

    From the flowing gowns, to the simple! They were all stunning!

  • Tarragona IN

    Don’t you think that Clooney since he is with his wife, he looks even older. I have to confess that this year the dresses at the Met Gala I didn’t like too much. Rihanna was spectacular for a picture but not elegant. My favourite ones were Linda Evangelista, Keri Russell and the chinese actress or model (I don’t know her name)

  • laura

    So so lovely. Jamie – was there anyone there that surprised you? Someone that looked better in person? Or perhaps worse? Or just surprised you in any way? I’d love to live vicariously since I’ll never be that close to celebs!

  • Great shots! Thanks a lot!

  • the absolute best coverage. always top knotch!

  • Catherine Mey Hope

    your photos are the highlight of my Met. Well done.

  • i always Love love love your Met gala coverage!!!

  • Heather Noire

    Loved all of the gorgeous gowns at the gala but my favorite hands down has to be Karlie Kloss. She has incredible style but all the ladies did just fab 🙂