Penumbra Foundation

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A couple of weeks ago I attended a weekend workshop for the 2nd time at Penumbra Foundation, the center for alternative photography. The subject this time around was on the platinum palladium printing process, something which I had been wanting to learn for years. I am absolutely obsessed with what they are doing here and keeping alive the history of photography in a hands on approach. Actually, the reason THIS nude shoot finally happened though we had been talking about it for months, was because I wanted to take these classic female form shots into the darkroom specifically to be printed this way.

In addition to workshops, they also have a studio you can rent, darkrooms, a tintype studio, and lecture series.

Here are a few snapshots taken by new friends I made that weekend I asked if I could share with you all to see into the magic of Penumbra.

{above image by Carl Weese || below images by Tom Grill}

Prenumbra_Foundation__02 Prenumbra_Foundation__04 Prenumbra_Foundation__05 Prenumbra_Foundation__06 Prenumbra_Foundation__07 Prenumbra_Foundation__08


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  • I really miss working in a darkroom. I need to finally look into taking a class or two again…

  • Thank you for sharing your journey with film, Jamie. Love this form of photography!

  • Tarragona IN

    Although you are an artist, you continue learning. That’s life!!!

  • Love that you are always looking for new ways to learn and grow!

    PS – you look amazing, miss skinny minnie! <3