Triumph Lingerie

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[M]y latest project with my frequent creative collaborator Kelly got a little more intimate this time around with a look at one of the oldest lingerie brands, founded in Europe in 1886, Triumph. This project was unlike most of our jobs in the digital age, these image were used in print first, layout designed by Kelly, to be picked up at Journelle stores and handed out at Triumph’s fashion show.

We wanted these images to be a celebration of women, to be feminine but confident, uncovered but in control. We wanted to be inspired at the end of the day to put on some lace and love every curve. Now, doesn’t that sound fun?

Below are our four women, full of their own Triumphs, all from different places in the world and celebrated beautifully in their own skin because confidence is the biggest triumph of all.




 Above & in the cover photo Nneoma wears: Amourette Spotlight Underwire BraAmourette Spotlight Hipster panties

Below: Amourette 300 bra

Triumph_Lingerie_04 Triumph_Lingerie_05


Above: Amourette Spotlight Underwire BraAmourette Spotlight Hipster panties

Below: Amourette Spotlight Midi & Ippolita earrings


Triumph_Lingerie_06 Triumph_Lingerie_07

Above: Amourette Spotlight Underwire Bra

Below: Amourette Spotlight Underwire BraAmourette Spotlight Hipster panties





Above: Amourette 300 underwire braAmourette 300 maxi, & Demylee New York button up shirt

Below: Amourette Spotlight Bodysuit

Triumph_Lingerie_10 Triumph_Lingerie_11

Below: Amourette Spotlight Bodysuit

Triumph_Lingerie_12 Triumph_Lingerie_13

Above & Below: Amourette 300 underwire braAmourette 300 Bikini



Below: Amourette Spotlight Bodysuit



Triumph_Lingerie_15 Triumph_Lingerie_16

Above & Below: Amourette 300 Maxi



Triumph_Lingerie_17 Triumph_Lingerie_18 Triumph_Lingerie_19

Below: Amourette 300 underwire bra







Above: Amourette spotlight t-shirt bra

Below: Amourette spotlight Hipster


Triumph_Lingerie_22 Triumph_Lingerie_23

Above: Amourette Spotlight Bodysuit

Below: Amourette Spotlight Underwire Bra



Below: Amourette Spotlight Hipster







I love photographing Jourdan, remember this shoot?

Above: Amourette Spotlight braAmourette Spotlight hipster

Below: Amour Spotlight Bra & Amour Spotlight String

Triumph_Lingerie_27 Triumph_Lingerie_28

Above: Amourette 300 bra & Amour Spotlight String

Below: Amour Spotlight Bra & Amour Spotlight String


Triumph_Lingerie_29 Triumph_Lingerie_31

Above: Amourette 300 underwire bra & Amourette 300 maxi

Below:  Amour Spotlight Bra & Amour Spotlight String



Special thanks to our brave and beautiful models: 

Nneoma, instagram || Isabelle, instagram || Dajana, instagram || Jourdan, instagram



Above: (left) Amourette Spotlight Midi, (right) Amourette Spotlight Hipster


Creative Direction & Styling Kelly Framel, instagram || Hair & Makeup Porsche Cooperinstagram || Nails by Angel Williams || Producer Erin Framel || Shot at Jack Studios in NYC

  • kaan

    kadına dair moda,güzellik,mutfak ve daha fazlası kadın platformumuz olan ve kadın haberleri da güncel olarak yayınlanmaktadır.

  • Love that when you and Kelly come together, it’s a constant celebration of women and their beauty, and a commemoration of every shape/size/age/color. Such a sensual and beautiful set of photos!

  • I absolutely love this shoot! You and Kelly create such magic together! Honestly, very inspiring work.